Thessaloniki is famous for its intense nightlife and the countless entertainment choices it offers for every taste and at all hours and days of the week. In fact, the city is alive almost every night! The evening starts early with a drink at one of the bars located in the city centre, or by the sea or in the different areas of Thessaloniki. Cafés, bars, clubs, live music pubs and alternative clubs – you name it! Below, we mention some of the most famous entertainment places in Thessaloniki and what you will find there:


The once disreputable region near the port now constitutes one of the most popular hangouts for night entertainment in the city for many years now, hosting some of Thessaloniki’s restaurants, bars, cafés and clubs. The old warehouses and brothels one situated here have been replaced by bars, taverns and ouzeries. The graphic area of the Ladadika with its sidewalks and low, at most, 3-level buildings, once constituted the historic centre of Thessaloniki. It is now a fact that this region is not at the same peak as it was once, and fewer and fewer residents of Thessaloniki prefer this particular area for their night out in the city. Nevertheless, Ladadika is located very close to the port and the coast of Thessaloniki, therefore, you can begin your night outing from there.

Downtown - Rest of Thessaloniki

Anything we say about the nightlife in Thessaloniki would still not do it justice. Thessaloniki is known for its liveliness, entertainment, great mood and nightlife. In the city itself you will come across thousands of cafés, bars, restaurants, entertainment centres, clubs, “bouzoukia”, Greek music clubs and you’ll find your own hang-out spot whatever your preferences may be. Besides the coastline, the Valaioritou area and Ladadika, you will find many worthwhile shops in nearly all the areas of Thessaloniki and downtown. Don’t miss out on visiting Mylo, Vilka, the beach of Aretsous in Kalamaria, the new beach near the Megaron, the bars on Iktinou St, those beneath Agia Sophia, the various cafés and bars on Aristotelous Square and the various shops on the little narrow streets in the centre, for those who prefer a more alternative form of entertainment.

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